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Experience Insight Announces Launch of Tripping Point Index – specialist agency develops the first wholly objective measure of customer experience

Customer experience agency Experience Insight is launching the first product from its dedicated retail experience research facility, Experiments in Experience. The Tripping Point Index is a comprehensive, scientific measure of the physiology of customers as they negotiate a retail experience. It provides an objective assessment of the actual moments when customers get stressed – the ‘Tripping Points’ - and determines how likely they are to abandon or limit their customer journey as a result.

“Tripping Point Index is unlike any other measure of customer satisfaction. It’s scientific, objective and eliminates the need to ask customers questions” said Tim Routledge, Chief Experience Officer at Experience Insigh

The Tripping Point Index is the result of ten years’ collaborative research with Honda UK, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and a variety of academic and research institutions. The implementation programme (the Retail Experience Programme), which utilises findings from this research, is producing an increase in turnover of over 20% with higher margins and significantly improved customer satisfaction - Honda currently holds the Number 1 position for customer satisfaction1 and customer retention2.

“Honda continues to run with the Retail Experience Programme, implemented by Experience Insight, within its retail networks. The business believes it contributes greatly to the brand’s industry-leading delivery of customer satisfaction and high levels of customer retention, and we are continuing to see upward trends this year,” said Rebecca Stead, Head of Network Development, Honda UK.

“Customer surveys have been the mainstay of customer satisfaction indices for many years,” said Routledge, “however research has shown that customers rarely recall their experiences reliably and often drop out of the buying process without a conscious understanding of why. A survey question is likely to produce a rationally-filtered response that has little or no bearing on the unconscious truth.”

Using an evidence-based approach to understand and accurately measure customer experiences through their physiology, Experience Insight is able to precisely identify how stressful a customer journey is, the exact moments that cause the stress and the likely impact on whether the customer will buy the product or service.

The aggregated results of a number of test experiences provide a client with a detailed ‘experience timeline’ revealing where the tripping points occur, the level of stress that a customer will tolerate at each, and the level of stress that customers are actually experiencing at that particular tripping point.

The Tripping Point Index is now available to a broad range of retail clients and is applicable to both physical and online customer journeys.

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Notes for Editors

  • Experience Insight is a consultancy dedicated to customer experience, founded in 2012 by Tim Routledge
  • Experience Insight uses psychology, physiology and neuroscience to understand and improve customer experience
  • Experience Insight is the first specialist customer experience agency to offer objective, scientific analysis of customer experience
  • Experience Insight has developed a process using scientifically proven techniques to identify the moments that stop people buying – Experience Insight calls these moments ‘Tripping Points’
  • Experience Insight’s current clients include: Honda UK. Honda Finance, Vertu Motors and Hendy Group
  • Experience Insight is embarking on a research project with the University of Reading School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, headed by Professor Laurie Butler 

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1 JD Power CSI League 2015 - Volume Brands

2 Castrol Trend Tracker Service Retention 2015