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Healthy eating brand Slim-Be is launching a chewy cereal bar with all green traffic lights – currently the only cereal bar brand in Europe to have this status.

The cereal bars are available in three flavours - Strawberry, Caramel and Apple & Cinnamon.

The bars are free from artificial flavours and preservatives and contain Konjac, a natural root extract. Konjac has no known side effects and is suitable for everyone regardless of allergies.

Founder of Slim-Be, Franco Beer, says: “As an Italian and a former chef, food is a passion for me. I would never want people to have to eat bland or boring snacks just to be healthy. When developing our Slim-Be products the taste and indeed whole eating experience are key to the process. The bars are tasty and chewy with good mouth feel and make a healthy, satisfying snack. The addition of Konjac means you will feel fuller for longer, so the bars can also aid a weight management regime.”

There is a patent pending on the formulation process of the Slim-Be cereal bar, which will be available from February.

Slim-Be’s UK distributor is Worldwide Brands. Guy Harris, commercial director at Worldwide Brands says: “There is great potential in the vending sector for Slim-Be cereal bars. They are particularly suitable for hospitals and healthcare facilities, health and fitness centres, schools and universities or any environment where healthy foods should be readily available, such as organisations following the NICE Diet, Nutrition and Obesity guidelines. We have already had enquiries from vending companies and are currently in negotiation with a major vending wholesaler.”

An announcement will be made soon concerning the wholesale agreement. In the meantime vending companies interested in offering the products should contact Worldwide Brands on 01993 700 792 or mandy@worldwidebrands.net.

Slim-Be is also launching two additional all green traffic light products for 2016 – gluten-free porridge and noodles.

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Editor’s Notes

• Slim-Be was founded in the UK in 2012 by Italian born former chef and food
development specialist, Franco Beer
• The Slim-Be comprises a range of weight loss and weight management products
containing Konjac
• Konjac is a natural root extract that aids weight management by expanding in the
stomach when consumed along with water
• Konjac been approved by the European Food Safety Authority as an aid for weight
Management (3g daily consumption) – and is currently the only weight
management aid to have this approval
• The Slim-Be product range consists of flavoured ‘shots’; porridge; cereal bars and
• All Slim–Be products have all green traffic light status – the cereal bar is currently
the only brand in Europe to have this status
• The UK distributor of Slim-Be products is Worldwide Brands
For further information please contact:

Jane Herbert
020 8334 0200

Slim - Be Cereal-Bar