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CarbZone was founded in Sweden in 2003. The brand offers a range of products  - such as chocolate, protein  bars, pasta, tortillas and flour -  low in carbs but high in protein and fibre. The brand  has been developed to aid healthy eating by providing low carb alternatives to cakes, confectionery, pasta and bread products. CarbZone products contain the finest natural ingredients available (organic where possible), with no chemical additives - such as artificial sweeteners or partially hydrogenated fats - and as few E numbers as possible. The brand was launched in the UK in early 2014. Pilotmax is responsible for supporting the UK trade launch, raising awareness of the brand among the retail audience. We are also charged with raising awareness of the brand among consumer audiences, educating the audience as to the benefits of the products, by targeting the consumer media including  print, broadcast and online,  and social media platforms.