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Readymade Halal baby food brand targets busy Muslim parents and addresses Iron and vitamin D deficiency in infants

Nasims, a Halal convenience baby food brand has launched in the UK. The brand will be available initially from selected Tesco and Asda stores nationwide.

The brand have been developed by Nasim Rizvi, a Norwegian mother of 5, of Pakistani origin who has struggled to find suitable Halal ready meals to feed to her own children.

“The lack of existing Halal food for babies and small children in the UK is a serious issue,” says Rizvi. “Many Muslim children living in northern Europe have iron deficiency. Meat is a main source of iron, but as the ready-made baby foods on the market are not Halal, Muslim babies do not eat them. In addition Muslim babies living in northern Europe can also lack vitamin D, which is produced naturally when the sun hits your skin. So I have included a vitamin D-rich salmon dish in my range.”

The products, which are sourced and produced in the UK, consist of six ready-made meal pots suitable for babies from 6 to 10 months old. The recipes, which have been developed by Rizvi herself, include Oriental Salmon Supper, Lamb Curry, and Spaghetti Bolognese. The range also includes Halal infant formula (‘1’ for babies up to 6 months old and ‘2’ for 6 months onwards).

The meals contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives but are fortified with iron; they can be heated and served directly from the plastic pot for convenience. They retail at £9.99 for infant formula (800g) and £1.39 per 120g meal pot pack.

The launch is being supported by a promotional campaign which will include advertorials and competitions with mother and baby website Emma’s Diary starting this month (April); advertising and editorials in Muslim media and local press, promotions outside Tesco and Asda stores and Facebook campaigns.

Rizvi says: “It’s been two years of very hard work to bring the brand to the UK market, and I’m delighted we are finally on the shelves in Tesco and Asda – it’s really a dream come true. It’s my aim to give my Muslim sisters the same advantages as other mums in having access to tasty and nutritious ready-made baby food that’s specially adapted to their needs and culture but also quick and easy to prepare.”

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Editor’s Notes

• Nasims was founded in Norway in 2013 by Nasim Rizvi, a Norwegian mother of 5, of Pakistani
• Nasims’ managing director is AnnBeth Bergh, the entrepreneur behind the Norwegian baby
food brand SmåFolk (Small People) which was acquired by the Norwegian dairy company
TINE in 2001
• Nasims launched its range to the UK market in March 2014
• Nasims’ UK distributor is Worldwide Brands
• Nasims offers a range of Halal infant formula and baby foods, suitable for babies from 6 to 10
months old
• Nasims’ food products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are fortified
with iron
• Nasims Halal baby foods are supplied in pots which can be heated and used to serve the
• Nasims’ food products are produced in the UK
• The Halal meat and fish is of English origin and the vegetables are organic
• Nasim’s infant formula is produced in the Netherlands
• Nasims’ products are priced at £9.99 for infant formula (800g) and £1.39 per 120g meal pot

For further information, or to arrange an interview with Nasim Rizvi, please contact:

Jane Herbert
020 8334 0200