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Women Spend More Than 12 Years of Their Lives on Diets and Lose Over 46 Stone!

Women in the UK will spend on average more than 12 years in their lifetime on diets, losing over 46 stone, according to new research.

The research, commissioned by healthy eating and weight management brand Slim-Be, surveyed women aged from 18 to over 55 and found that typically, they start a new diet twice a year - however some women were dieting more than 11 times a year.

The survey also found that while the average length of time spent on a diet was 5 weeks, some women were spending more than 21 weeks trying to lose weight. The average weight loss per diet was 5lbs, though some were losing up to 40lbs.

The most frequent dieters were women in Northern Ireland, who also lost the most weight, and along with women in London, dieted for longer than those in other regions.

The most avid dieters were in the 18 to 24 age group, although this group also dieted for the shortest time, and lost the least amount of weight. Women aged 35 to 44 were most likely to diet for the longest period, but women aged 45 to 54 lost the most weight by a significant margin.

Franco Beer, a former chef, food development specialist and founder of Slim-Be says: “This research clearly shows that women spend a lot of time striving to lose weight. But the key to weight management is not dieting. Putting yourself through the time consuming, often expensive, stressful business of following the latest ‘miracle’ diet doesn’t work because, even if you do lose weight, you will usually put it back on when you go back to your usual eating habits.  A new, permanent approach to eating that makes weight maintenance easier is what’s needed, and this should make frequent or extreme dieting unnecessary.

“Our goal is to help people change their lifestyles for good, by encouraging them to exercise portion control, rather than promoting a strict or boring regime that they will find it hard to stick to. If people are to change their eating habits for good – which is the only way weight management can succeed – any new regime has to be enjoyable. With our portion control approach you can still have the foods you love, but you eat less of them without feeling hungry all the time!”

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Editor’s Notes

  • Slim-Be was founded in the UK in 2012 by Italian born former chef and food development specialist,  Franco Beer
  • Slim-Be comprises a range of weight loss and weight management products containing Konjac
  • Konjac is a natural root extract that aids weight management by expanding in the stomach when consumed along with water
  • Konjac been approved by the European Food Safety Authority as an aid for weight management – currently the only weight management  aid of this kind to have this approval
  • The Slim-Be product range currently consists of  flavoured ‘shots’; porridge; cereal
  • bars and noodles
  • All Slim–Be products have  all green traffic light status – the cereal bar is currently the only brand in Europe to have this status

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